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The Missouri State Highway Patrol is currently accepting applications for Commercial Vehicle Officers


The Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Division is responsible for enforcing the laws, rules and regulations for the State of Missouri dealing with commercial vehicles. In doing so, we support the mission of the Missouri State Highway Patrol to promote and ensure highway safety and homeland security.

Commercial Vehicle Officer

Join the Missouri State Highway Patrol as a Commercial Vehicle Officer (CVO) and contribute to road safety by enforcing Federal Regulations and State laws for commercial motor vehicles. Responsibilities include conducting inspections and post-crash analysis, ensuring compliance with regulations, and assisting the motoring public. Expect to work in various conditions with changing schedules. Training involves 21 weeks of academy training.

If you are eligible for the Accelerated Academy, holders of a valid Class A POST license can become a Commercial Vehicle Officer in just 6 weeks.

Minimum Requirements

  • Be a citizen of the United States when Commercial Vehicle Officer training begins.

  • Possess a high school diploma or equivalent.

  • Be of good character, with no felony convictions or crime involving moral turpitude, no pending indictments, or certain misdemeanor offenses including any involving aggressive or violent behavior (i.e., domestic violence, criminal assault, etc.), disregard for the safety of others, or the misuse of deadly weapons.

  • CVO’s will not have tattoos or brands that a reasonable person would find offensive, such as tattoos or brands depicting or supporting criminal behavior, drug usage, nudity, profanity, promiscuity, subversive groups, bigotry, etc. CVO’s will not have tattoos or brands on the head, neck, wrists, or hands. The sole exception is that one traditional band style ring tattoo may be displayed on a single finger. Any such ring tattoo will not extend beyond the proximal phalanx. Tattoos and/or brands on any other part of a CVO’s body, which would be visible during movements in the performance of their duties while wearing any official uniform or civilian attire, will be completely covered and not visible while on duty. If the tattoos and/or brands are visible, CVO’s must keep them covered by wearing the Class A uniform year-round, which includes a long-sleeve shirt and tie.

  • Possess a valid Driver's License from your state of residence at the time of hiring.

Accelerated Academy Eligibility
  • Possess Missouri Class A POST License. If you are an out-of-state applicant you will need to contact Missouri Department of Public Safety Peace Officer Standards and Training Program at 573-751-3409 to see if you qualify to take the Missouri Class A POST Veteran Officer Exam. All current Missouri Class A POST certified officers who have received a final offer will attend an accelerated 6-week academy.

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